TV show production

You are certainly one of those people who have a TV show project. If you want to carry out this one in the rules of the art, even correctly, here is some information that could certainly interest you. Producing a TV show consists of doing everything possible to successfully broadcast good quality images and sound. It is an activity that requires efficiency, experience, but also patience and willpower.

The production of television programs does not only involve one person. The success of this mission depends on the dedication and know-how of a large number of actors, each of whom is responsible for a specific task, which is specific to their competence. Our video production agency will be of great help to you for this kind of activity.

TV production: filming and editing TV shows

For TV show production, you can choose to use a TV show production agency. Indeed, we can distinguish two types of television productions: flow programs which are broadcast at one time like a television news or a game, or a television program and stock programs which are multi-cast over time like a TV movie. or a documentary.

Using the services of a specialized company allows you to take advantage of its skills in terms of TV show production such as filming and editing a TV show, coordinating activities to be done on a set production, design lighting and sound recording to ensure television production, as well as outdoor signal transmissions.

production vidéo en live tv Tunisie

Our know-how at the service of broadcasting companies: studios, producers

An audiovisual agency in Tunis, works with a team of permanent and intermittent technicians who have the skills and experience necessary to produce good television content. For this, it also provides qualified technical personnel to better respond to all missions related to television production.

The company therefore involves a TV director, a DP, a video operator, two assistants (a first and a second), DIT, a Data manager, a Crane operator, a steadicamer, a video editing manager, a colorist as well as a drone remote pilot. The participation of all its actors, allows the company to guarantee the success of its TV production or its audiovisual production. The producer is certainly the key player in this kind of mission. The producer is responsible for:

  • Lead the design of the project;
  • To do a feasibility study of it;
  • To design the financial package by looking for funding (partners, aid, etc.);
  • To implement the creative, human, financial and technical resources necessary for the production of any program;
  • Prepare a design agenda, and enforce it;
  • To deliver the production as soon as possible to ensure that it is legally and technically compliant.

Filming, editing and rental of equipment for the production of TV programs

Production audiovisuelle

If you have a TV show production project, you can go to a company specializing in this field. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies working in this sector of activity and which are very efficient.

For this, this type of company collaborates on a large number of broadcast projects, such as a technical service provider for many French and foreign television channels.

As the company has the audiovisual equipment of the latest generation, most often, it can take care of filming, editing, as well as the distribution of images in all its forms.